Oh Noes, Gays in the Military!

Oh Noes, Gays in the Military!

You’d never know that today was the day designated to wear purple in remembrance for all of the gay teens—and straight teens bullied for being perceived as gay—who’ve tragically taken their lives due to bullying. Though I sit in my purple shirt, crying alongside Fort Worth city councilman Joel Burn’s moving and courageous speech, the bigots continue to come out of the woodwork.

After I logged onto Facebook to post some happy news, rather than being greeted with joy over our fellow Americans’ new right to enter the military no matter who they love, I was instantly made sick by loathsome posts against this right. One in particular, made by my own relative, a marine, made me want to throw my computer out the window—or, yet again, simply leave Facebook for good. (I keep talking about it, don’t I? It’s probably going to happen someday…)

His post was about how he’s sick that openly gay people can now stare at his “junk” without being penalized (um, couldn’t anyone have done that beforehand without legislation?), and ended with “F*** these faggots.”

(By the way, have you tried saying that to the face of someone serving alongside you--particularly someone larger and stronger? Do you really think you have a right to serve more than he does?)

I’m not one to question military logic—war itself isn’t logical, and we’re lied to so much from our own defense that between the dishonesty and whose-penis-is-larger mentality, there’s not a lot of room for logic—but isn’t it queer (no pun intended) that you’d put your life on the line to supposedly “defend freedom” and then turn around and oppose freedoms to certain people? If you’re not willing to die for 10% of your country, why bother enlisting?

These “faggots” are your brothers and sisters, your countrymen and women, your fellow citizens of America and the world. They’ve put their lives on the line for you plenty of times and I’m sure they didn’t complain, “Oh, that sick mother******, if I have to hear about him eating pussy one more time…” In fact, I’ve seen some violent images against women on your own cell phone, cousin, that would make Howard Stern sick. Perhaps it’s you that people should fear.

And I do say fear, not hate, because that’s essentially what’s behind your comments, isn’t it? Are you afraid that someone of the same sex will be turned on by your bod (such self-flattery! And not everything is about you, you know; god forbid someone else’s rights that affect his whole damn life dare to make you uncomfortable) or are you afraid that you’ll be turned on right back? Because if you’re not, there’s really no reason to fear anything, is there?

And if there is, well, that’s your own demon to battle, not someone else’s. In the meantime, I’d suggest practicing a little more respect toward your fellow women and men in the military. Plenty of people you know are gay, even though you don’t know it—and someday you might have to depend on them to save your life.