No more animal cruelty in the military

No more animal cruelty in the military

Obama steps up to fight animal abuse in the military.

President Obama has often displayed his compassion for animals. I remember writing about his talks with animal rights groups back when he was campaigning, as well as his search for a good hypo-allergenic dog for his daughters, and feeling like this was the man I really wanted as president (for many other reasons as well, of course). But I haven’t really heard of many actions he’s taken via legal course to help animals until today.

Many people may already be aware of the military’s cruel animal tests that include dismemberment, shooting and many other violent acts against animals. This heinousness affects over 10,000 animals a day. Not only do these cruel testing measures obviously harm and kill animals; they also display and promote a complete lack of compassion for them to begin with, fostering even more complacency when it comes to violence against animals. Military trainers and participants of the experiments have even been caught on footage joking and singing about the torture.

I know lots of animal rights groups have been fighting this treatment for years, but the protests seem to have fallen on deaf ears until now. President Obama has just signed a bill into law to require the military to create a plan to phase out these tests by March of this year.

I don’t know about you, but this timeline seems very impressive to me. Usually when a law goes into effect, it takes a year or several years to fully enact it. The fact that he’s putting a spring date of this very year out there as a deadline displays his commitment and a sense of urgency against this cruelty.

I hope it’s also an indication of swift movements from the president to come regarding other important issues that have taken so long, often, albeit, to filibusters from the right. As usual, they may attempt to block this legislation, so it’s important that people who care continue to keep up the momentum. You can click here to learn more and to add your voice of support to a letter to the Department of Defense, asking that the tests stop and be replaced with more humane methods.

These violent tests will soon be replaced with human simulations and other modern methods that do not require animals—which, medically speaking, are typically more accurate than using live animals to begin with, begging the question why we don’t use these affordable, accurate measures across the board.